Chris Milner

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            My name is Chris Milner and I am  married to Carolyn. We have seven children and one grand daughter. We live in Vernon Texas with our three youngest boys. I am a bivocational pastor and during the week I am repairing wrecked cars and restoring old classics  for the public. I am  currently working on a Master of Divinity Degree  from Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. I was saved later in life at the age of twenty nine. I did not like the life I had created and I was without hope.  I was unable to change myself  until a lady on television (Joyce Myers) said, "Jesus could change my life".  She explained that if I would give my heart and mind to Him that He would give me new desires and even a new lilfe. So I did! And He did!  Twenty years later here I am sharing the same message of hope and change that was given to me. There is no greater life to be lived than one that is lived for Jesus. Not that you would become a preacher but that you would live your life with Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  He will empower you to live through the highs and lows of life. He will change you one piece at a time so you can live life with a fullness and a peace that only comes from God. Billy Graham said, "No body that has ever sought Jesus didn't find more peace and more joy than they ever could have imagined".  

  April 2021  
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